Women in Print


Tickets are £10 , or £5 for students, and can be booked here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-ballad-of-women-in-print-tickets-24286507598

The fourth ‘Women in Print’ event, hosted by Chethams’ Library and in association with Manchester School of art, presents a series of talks, printworks and performances investigating and celebrating the cultural agency women as subjects, performers, producers or peddlars of 19th and 20thc street literature. The day seeks to foreground the under researched contribution of women to print culture associated with the street, and also to interrogate the depiction of women in the street literature of this time- such as broadsides, ballad sheets, chapbooks, penny dreadfuls, periodicals, postcards and political pamphlets.

Street literature is a direct, if fragmentary, record of the lives and stories of the non elite, and its study enables us to hear the voices of those whose histories do not exist elsewhere. Street Literature in the 19th and 20thc was braided with earlier oral traditions of storytelling and communicating, speaking to varied audiences and generating communities of interest, and one of the aims of the day is to bring to life these multivaried texts through word, image and song.

Termagant and democratic itself, street literature offers up a model for constituting multidisciplinary ‘herstories’ from below, invoking radical subcultures of historical practices in the form of DIY print, oral history and performance, alongside traditional forms of scholarship.


Desdemona McCannon

Senior Lecturer Contextualising Practice – Manchester School of Art



We’re VERY excited to soon have our “A Manifesto for Feminist Archiving (or disruption)” published in the special issue, “Methods”, of Feminist Review! Described by the editors as “thought provoking, playful and militant”, we will build on the manifesto to explore new archival processes and curation for supporting and initiating women’s activism.