Creating a Digital Women’s Archive


Creation of the Digital Women’s Archive is in full swing! Supported by Arts Council England and the Ida Carroll Trust, we have brought together an exciting group of approx. 20 researchers made up of artists, curators, archivists, archives and digital technologists all exploring new models and approaches for the creative digital curation of women’s archives, collections and digital spaces. MadLab is our arts-technology partner on the project. This is the first stage of building the Archive.

Now we need YOU to collaborate in this research process!

Come and listen to what we’ve been up to and share **your** thoughts on how you, or your organisation, could use or contribute to the Archive for women’s heritage, culture, campaigns and activism.

Workshops will take place on three separate dates, each with a slightly different audience focus – so please select the most appropriate for you:

3 Nov 1-3.30pm: women artists

4 Nov 1-3.30pm: women’s services & voluntary sector

7 Nov 10-12.30pm: heritage & community archives


#CyberFeminism #FeministArchiving


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?


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