We’re thrilled by the wonderful response to our call out to participate in the community workshops for Creating a Digital Women’s Archive, hosted at Archives+, Manchester Central Library. Women and men representing various organisations, archives and heritage spaces, and independent artists, offered a range of inspiring ideas in response to 5 key questions: 1.) What are the opportunities for digital to add value to archives and heritage? 2.) How could you, or your organisation, use or contribute to the Archive for women’s heritage, culture, campaigns and activism? 3.) Your interests – key themes/words 4.) Do you have a BIG idea for the Archive? 5.) What can be specifically Feminist about the Archive?

The R&D research group will meet at MadLab for a final full-day “hack” on 17 November, bringing together the ideas of the group and feedback and responses from the community workshops. Here we will map out the key functions the Archive towards developing a design, and draft a plan for sustainability and next steps. #FeministArchiving #Cyberfeminism #wmnhistories #livingheritage


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