Global #Cyberfeminist #Archiving

An exciting next step from the global Women’s March comes in the form of the “Women’s March on Washington Archives Project”; a global participatory project led by archivists from the SAA Women Archivists Section (WArS) to evidence and capture the events of 21 Jan 2017. The aim is to build a global digital resource sharing and preserving materials. This project is aligned with [DWAN]’s cyberfeminist archiving activity. As such, we’ll be supporting the project and collaborating with other UK archivists/ archives/ heritage orgs to support the project – digitizing the wonderful placards and collecting imagery (with consent) and oral testimony from those who marched!! This will be MASSIVE in terms of a process of global feminist archiving – probably the largest ever undertaken … and hugely exciting!!! Watch this space, and in the meantime follow the project here: @WMWArchivesProj #Solidarity


[DWAN] @ Wonder Women 2017

“Whose Festival is it Anyway?”

 Manchester Central Library, Manchester, 11 March 2017, 4pm, Free entry

Near the close of the 2017 festival Digital Women’s Archive North [DWAN] and Instigate Arts will bring together key contributing artists, producers, curators and groups who have featured in Wonder Women in a panel discussion explore the role of the festival as a mode of disruptive activism and archiving. It will look forward the festival in 2018 and ask how it might evolve to be a distinctive Manchester tribute to the first votes for women – and support creative practitioners with a feminist ethos. Starts 4pm