Developing the Archive …


We are very excited to have been awarded an Arts Council R&D grant towards the first stage of developing our innovative archive: Digital Women’s Archive.

The project involves delivering a series of Hack-type events, bringing together artists, curators and archivists, digital technologists, and women’s community groups to explore new creative approaches for digitally curating collections and women’s cultural production. The project outputs will include a series of co-created prototypes (aesthetic, immersive, interactive). The R&D is the first stage of developing DWAN’s innovative online archive space, built on a model of collaborative practice. We’ll be showcasing the outputs and devising next steps during Wonder Women Fest 2017, and introducing the project at The National Archives DCDC2016 conference in October 2016. 

Our collaborators include the **brilliant** MadLab

We are  contacting women’s groups and individual to take part in the community workshops, with the primary aim of co-designing the archive. We want to explore how women as collectives and as individuals can potentially use the archive; how they would like it to function as a digital women’s space for collecting and showcasing women’s heritage, cultural and creativity; how the archive can support women’s campaigns and activism.

A Manifesto for Feminist Archiving

(or disruption)

[A brief note]: This Manifesto is a playfully provocative piece, not intended to cause alarm nor offense. It was developed in response to the many voices of artists, performers and archivists who attended our event in January 2016 at HOME Mcr. The Manifesto challenges readers to consider their own position in relation to ideas around archival structures and ways of collecting, writing, authorship, preservation and use. We welcome all responses and encourage the content of the Manifesto to be made and unmade, rejected and embraced in equal measure. It is a creative piece – we will not censor creative Feminist practice.