[DWAN] provides research services and collaborates on projects around gender – including culture, heritage, spaces, equality, social participation, and wellbeing.

All project leads and Directors are actively publishing and experienced researchers.

Areas of interest:

  • Feminist curatorial and archival practices
  • Digital practice – cyberfeminism, mapping, feminist digital humanities, feminist internet
  • Socially engaged arts practice across communities, wellbeing and activism


Ed. Ashton, J (forthcoming 2017) book, Feminism and Museums: intervention, disruption and change”, MuseumsEtc.

Ashton, J (forthcoming 2017) “Feminist Archiving [manifesto continued]: skilling for direct action”, Australian Feminist Studies.

Ashton, J (forthcoming 2017) “Digital Feminist Archiving: connectivity, evidencing & resistance”, Girlhood Studies (Special Edition, Technologies of Non-Violence).

Ashton, J (2017) “The Feminists are Cackling in the Archive”, Feminist Review 115 (Methods).

Ashton, J (2016) “Digital Sculptures/ Digital Visitors @ MOSI”, Museums and Visitor Photography, MuseumsEtc.

Ashton, J (September 2015) “A Concrete House & its Photographic Portrait”, Parallax, 21:3: 288-308

Ashton, J, ed (2014) Artefacts & Experiences: Reframing Narratives Across Medicine and Health, exhibition catalogue, Loose Collective.

Ashton, J (2014) “Artefacts & Experiences: Where Art, Health, and Technology Meet”, NOW THEN. Issue 12

Ashton, J, (2013), “Derek Jarman’s Blue: Negating the Visual”, Journal of Applied Arts & Health, 3:1: 295-307.

Ashton, J, Day, K (2009) “People, Spaces, Collections: Art and Learning at The Manchester Museum”, The Go-Between: Artist as Mediator Between Collections & Audiences, Vol. 1, University of Glamorgan: 33-43

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