Training & Placements

[DWAN]’s Researchers in Residence programme is a placement scheme for Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers, delivering collaborative work with non-HEI client-partners in heritage, arts, business, and community organisations.

The Researcher will be based with [DWAN] and will contribute to collaborative projects with its many partners. Projects will focus around unlocking women’s heritage and supporting women’s services.

RiR supports:

* Researcher Experience – through peer mentoring and support and enhancement of teaching and learning in a professional environment

* Employability – through access to professional development and practical application of skills training, engagement in professional networks, plus CV enhancement

* Social Responsibility – through research-led collaboration with external cultural
partners and working within a Social Enterprise

*Research into Models for knowledge Exchange and enterprise sustainability

CURRENT RiR researchers:

Catherine Wilkinson, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Durham University in the School of Education (2016)

At Durham Catherine is currently working on a multi-sited multi-disciplinary research project called The Trust Map, which explores the loss and reparation of trust in minorities communities in the UK. Prior to this, Catherine completed her PhD in Environmental Sciences at The University of Liverpool, researching into young people and community radio. In true interdisciplinarity, Catherine has a Fashion Brand Management degree and a Marketing Management Masters. She is committed to participatory research, and has received extensive training in this approach.

 Catherine is currently Researcher in Residence with [DWAN], exploring methods of creative documentation in archiving, and is collecting and creating archive material for [DWAN]’s Archiving Women’s Performance Practice event at HOME Mcr, 14 Jan 2016.

Pauline Hadaway, PhD, Arts Management and Cultural Policy, Unversity of Manchester (2015-16)

Pauline is undertaking a collaborative prject between [DWAN], Coop College and National Co-operative Archive. She is scoping the Coop’s archives to specifically unlock women’s histories and contributions to the development of the Coop College and organisation. Pauline delivered a free talk at Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 12 Nov as part of [DWAN]’s pop-up events for Being Human Festival 2015:  ‘Days of Hope: Women Co-operators in the years following the First World War’

Sarah Darley-Nolan, PhD Institute of Education, University of Manchester (2015-16)

Sarah researched existing applications and projects in Digital Heritage, relevant and interesting for the organizational development of [DWAN]. A report was created from this. Sarah also supported the collation of initial scoping undertaken by RAs (previously supported by Digital Humanities, University of Manchester) into a Google spreadsheet, and the exploration of free digital tools available such as Google Fusion Tables – now available in draft form, and to be further developed. The research and support from Sarah has been imperative to enabling [DWAN] to develop its aims, structure, further research, and future funding applications. Sarah will continue to be involved in the project/enterprise development.



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